Illimat:The Crane Wife Set (Preorder)
Illimat:The Crane Wife Set (Preorder)

Illimat:The Crane Wife Set (Preorder)

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This Item Ships February 2023

A good story is defined by its characters. In Illimat the Luminary cards are your cast of characters in your game- revealed and altering game play over the course of the round. They may bring magic, tension, or relief in your game.

The set adds an additional 6 Luminary options to Illimat bringing new strategies and surprises to your Illimat experience. The Crane Wife Set is a diverse and dramatic cast.The loom allows you to craft at a cost. The Island is a place of isolation, while The Boat bridges the divide between distant fields. Will you pull off The Perfect Crime, or will The Butchers strike down a luminary before you can claim it?

This item is a preorder. It will ship on or before February 2023. You may change your shipping address or cancel your order anytime before January 16th 2023. After that date the order will follow our standard ship back for a refund return policy.

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