Illimat: Second Edition Rulebook

Illimat: Second Edition Rulebook

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The second edition Illimat rule book includes rule changes from the first edition of Illimat as well as some clarifications on stockpiling, and breaking ties we think will enhance your play experience.  If you already own a copy of the game Illimat, it's still completely playable with the second edition ruleset.

This printed rule book is included inside all copies of the second edition game, The Baron's Bundle and The Universe Bundle. It is also available here as a free PDF download. 

This printed edition of the V2 Rule book will only be available during this preorder.

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No. All expansions work with the first edition. The only major change you would benefit from are the updated rules. You can download those for free at

Illimat second edition comes with a change in the type of card stock we used in the playing cards, a new Okus token that replaces the Boat token, and several changes in the rules. Find out more in our post about the changeshereandhere.An view and download a free PDF of Illimat Second rules here.

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