illustration of a medieval man holding cards
Mosaic of Items on white background that are included with the bundle: bronze coin with sun and moon images, enamel pins of a pink shooting star and a small white star, a rectangle package with a green band of the illimat false barons set, a black and white square booklet with the illimat rules, a sticker set
Box cover to Illimat the false barons set
two  bronze coins next to each other one with a sun face - the other with the moon face
photo of illimat game rule book
image depicting two objects comparing their size. One object is a pink shooting star enamel pin the other a small white star
illimat box image, rumble sign, pink comet, and a question mark- the image is depicting uncertainty about the final designs that will be included in the sticker pack

The Baron's Bundle

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This Item Ships February 2023

Who is this Baron? Is it you? You already own the base game and want to experience more Illimat. Bundle and save! This bundle comes with: 

  • The False Baron's Set: 6 new luminaries compatible with the base game and The Crane Wife expansions 
  • The Syzygy Coin : A bronze challenge coin with game effects when used as an okus
  • A paper copy of The Illimat second edition rules
  • The Cadet Pin 
  • The Intimate Secretary Pin 
  • The Luminary Rumble Sticker pack

Whats not included, but you can add on to your order: The Crane Wife Set, Illimat second edition game, The frame-able luminary art cards, The King of Stars card that ships now. If these items intrigue you can add them to your order individually in addition to this bundle or check out The Universe Bundle



This item is a preorder. It will ship on or before February 2023. You may change your shipping address or cancel your order anytime before January 16th 2023. After that date the order will follow our standard ship back for a refund return policy.

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