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The arrows on challenge cards show how the challenge influences the challenge number to those next to it. In this example, The Secret Passage is adding +1 to the Bottomless Pit challenge. Instead of needing a 6 to defeat The Bottomless Pit you need a 7.

In addition, The Bottomless Pit is adding +1 to Secret Passage. Instead of needing 8 to defeat this challenge you need 9.

While creating your story, use these arrows as inspiration of how each of these challenges are effecting the other.  For example, if you’re trying to find that secret passage and going after that challenge- describe how climbing down that bottomless pit while searching for it is making it harder.

When you defeat the finale of any deck, flip over the finale card. You’ll find it reduces the challenge(s) numbers of the decks next to it. Theres nothing like a little team win to help you out!